Local Presence

We offer a competitive advantage by our local presence in Europe, United States and Australia. Our U.K customers are supported by our Hatfield based office. Rest of the European customers are supported by our Southwestern Germany based office. Our American customers are supported by 2 offices: Dallas based office and New Jersey based office. Being family owned manufacturing company, our costs are lower than others as we deal directly with you without any middle man. We are not a trading firm for forming equipment as most of the other organizations are in India.

Stringent Production Norms

Our quality stringent production norms supported with price competitiveness has given an edge over the competition. This has been complemented by on time deliveries. The ultra modern production facility with a favorable geographical location near to the sources of raw material (Steel) has proven to be most important tool to the success. The production team is well equipped to produce components and accessories for Shoring and Scaffolding with very close tolerances. This has played a key role in winning over the confidence of the customers in the construction industry.


Our ideology is not to run for Volumes but to retain a few good accounts and grow with them. Majority of our products are based upon the requirements of our customers and we provide the samples for each product for approval prior to commencing the production. In order to maintain the secrecy of the business of our customers we do not print any literature and do not advertise customer products on websites. We take customer confidentiality very seriously and guard our customer designs with great care.

Why we are better than others?

Exclusive product development: We are experts in developing custom and proprietary products for each customer to satisfy their individual needs.

Strict Quality Standards: We follow strict quality control norms to ensure International standard of products. All our products are tested on various parameters to ensure quality and performance at every level.

Competitive Prices: We adopt latest technology to manufacture bulk product in a short turn around time. This enables us to considerably cut down the cost of production and offer competitive price quotes to our customers. With our illustrious technical know how and industrial experience, we have fine tuned our processes. This has led us to cost cutting as well as time saving. The savings incurred as a result of these measures as passed-on in turn to our customers and adds value to their business.

Customer Visit: Being a customer focused organization, we visit customer’s site from time to time in order to acquire proper understanding of their requirements and get customer feedback.

Experience: We have extensive experience in the design, development, and selection of steel compositions, mechanical properties, and processing for optimum performance in steel product manufacturing.

Quality Certifications: We have achieved the following international certifications: ISO 9001: 2008, EN 3834-3:2006 & EN 1090-2:2008 +A1:2011. It implies increased confidence of buyer in us for our recognition of the importance of controlling the quality of the welded product.

Strategically located Factory: Factory is located in North India in a favorable geographical location near to the sources of raw material (Steel) and skilled workers. We are very close to the major Steel Producing Township in the North India to cater to our needs. The province is power surplus with the literacy rate exceptionally high in comparison to the other provinces.

Financially stable Company: Company real estate, machinery etc is fully paid off and company has no debt. Rest assured that your investment in us will last for a long time without worrying about the financial viability of the company

We Specialize in: Scaffolding, Formwork accessories, Fencing, Garden hardware, customized items as per customer sample. Comprehensive multi-craft services include Forging, CNC-Machining, Stamping, drilling, galvanizing, Casting, Fabrication & Assemblies as per customer’s specifications – all under one head of the business.

Lab Testing: We use international labs for raw material and finished product load testing to do dimensional, chemical and mechanical tests. We use spectro analyzer for chemical analysis, Universal testing machine for load testing.

Confidentiality: We do not promote our business by exhibiting the products in a catalogue. The reason behind is to protect the interests of our customers. The majority of the products we carry as customized no matter they are carried by different distributors. This is the reason we do not work with numerous distributors in a similar trade. We would rather develop a new product line exclusively for your organization.