ISO Certificate
Quality Certifications 

We have achieved the following international certifications: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015, EN 3834-3:2006 & EN 1090-2:2008 +A1:2011. Our welding team has achieved certification in all international requirements that includes : ISO 9606-1, ISO 14732, ISO 14731, EN 1090-2, ISO 3834, ISO 3452, ISO 14637, ISO 15609, and ISO 15613. It implies increased confidence of buyer in us for our recognition of the importance of controlling the quality of the welded product

ISO Certificate

SAI is an ISO-9001: 2015 company, which has established Quality Management System which is Customer Focused, and has Process approach to carry out all the activities.

Our ‘Mantra’ is of continual Improvement of our System to strive and achieve Customer Delight, by meeting their Specific, or Implied needs.

Adoption of ISO 9001: 2015 is viewed as a Tool for achieving the QMS Goal , through its Guidelines. Through this approach we have given ourselves following guiding documents.

  • Quality Policy
  • Quality Objectives
  • Quality Manual
  • Quality Process Procedures

Quality Management Procedures

Top Management

  • Business Objectives and Plans
  • Future Projections
  • System’s Review
  • Monitoring Trends
  • Resources Management


  • Marketing Plans and Strategy
  • Projection of Business growth
  • Identifying New Markets.


  • In Coming Inspections
  • In Process Inspections, Set up Inspections, Layout Inspections.
  • Final Inspections
  • Packing Standards
  • Disposal of Non-Conformance
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions on Non-Conformances.
  • Customer Complaints; Root cause Analysis and Corrective Preventive Action
  • Control of MMDs and Calibrations.
  • Design &Inspection of Tooling, Jigs and Fixtures, and Periodic Validation.
  • Control of External Documents including Drawings, Standards, Work Instructions.

Production Process

  • 5-S Application and House Keeping.
  • Work Men Job Proficiency
  • Workers Efficiency & Plant Efficiency.
  • Production Planning related to Customer Schedules
  • Schedules Vs Dispatch Plans
  • Lay out Plans of Machines for Smooth Linear Movement of In Process Parts
  • Tooling List and Validation of Dies, Fixtures etc.
  • Identifications&Plans for Improvements
  • Work Instructions for Special Operations
  • Development of New Products.


  • Stock taking of Materials, & Issue.
  • Dispatch Plans
  • Daily Machine Load Plans
  • Machines Utilization records
  • Inventory Status and Listing of Shortages


  • Machines Preventive Maintenance and Schedules.
  • Preventive Maintenance Check Lists
  • Listing Critical Spares
  • Records of Machines Breakdown and Corrective / Preventive Action


  • Identifying and Approval of Out-source Vendors
  • Vendors approval criteria

Human Resources

  • Recruitments, Attendance, Monitoring of work force
  • Security
  • General Plant Maintenances
  • Applications of Statuaryrequirements
  • Training and Improving Skills. Skill Matrixes
  • Welfare and Suggestion Schemes
  • Safety Policy and application
  • Fire Fighting & Equipment validation


  • Monitoring of QMS and Review


  • Internal Audits
  • Conduct of 3rd Party Audits